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About Peacebuilders International

Peacebuilders International (PBI) has been established to stimulate and support the development of initiatives in Peacebuilding in the countries of the Asia/Pacific region. Peacebuilders International’s ultimate aim is the establishment of a just peace in these countries which is a necessary pre-condition for sustainable development. Sustainable development is necessary to relieve and eradicate poverty.


PBI will recognize and support initiatives that address both short-term or long-term issues as well as the need for long- term change. Both initiatives that aim to bring about long-term transformation of society by addressing root causes of poverty and conflict, as well as initiatives that will contribute to post-conflict relief and recovery, will be fostered and supported by PBI.


PBI will welcome as stakeholders, corporate bodies who are committed to the concept and objects of the company.


The main work and influence of PBI will be in the countries of the South-West Pacific and South East Asia. All training and resourcing will lead to mobilization and action in the countries of trainees and stakeholding bodies, and initiatives must therefore be culturally and contextually appropriate. Accordingly the work of PBI will be responsive to need, without discrimination by any other criterion.


PBI will function as an “Australian Charitable Body”, being a non-profit, non-government organization that is non-sectarian.


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