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Frequently Asked Questions

Which site should I choose?


Peacebuilders International has grown out of training programs focused on the Pacific region. There are many people involved and many activities being undertaken so we have created three seperate sites with more focused material on each.


If the items on the front page don't help you find the appropriate site, don't worry. Start with Peacebuilders In Action and browse the information available.


Links on each site will allow you to progress to the sections containing the information that interests you most.



Is Peacebuilding a Pacifist movement?


Peacebuilders recognised that violence does not bring about a better future for those involved or for those receiving the legacy created. Peacebuilders are against violence as a means in society.


However, Peacebuilding is not a pacifist movement. Peacebuilding initiatives are designed to bring reconciliation and lasting peace to nations. This requires much planning and activity and involves all people, including national leaders, grass roots communities and middle level leaders.


Peacebuilders are people working actively for peace in a broken world.


When is Peacebuilding needed?


War is sometimes seen as unavoidable, part of history that will continue to repeat, becoming our future.


Peacebuilding, conflict resolution, trauma healing and restorative justice are techniques that are invaluable to restore communities and nations after armed conflict.


However, employed strategically in areas where needs are identified, these same concepts will avoid war, providing people with a resolution acceptible to all parties and avoiding the situations that lead to armed conflict.


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