Stimulating and supporting the development of Peace

A look back – Bali 2006

Ian Stehbens and Megawati Sukarnoputri collaborating in Indonesia to achieve a non-violent response to the second Bali Blasts. View the full report on the Bali 2006 program

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Welcome to our new site

Peacebuilders International kicks off the year 2020 with a new website!

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Peacebuilding Projects

Peacebuilders International has had active projects in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Timor Leste and Tonga. Past and present projects are being undertaken by company members and Alumni. Projects in Indonesia focus on inter-religious communication. Projects in Bougainville focus on community healing. Projects in Tonga focus on reductions in domestic violence.

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Peacebuilders Alumni

The Alumni of Pacific Peacebuilding Initiatives (PPBI) are committed to the establishment of lasting peace in their local contexts. PPBI encourages previous delegates to stay involved with the company. Delegates to choose to become a member of the company. They are also encouraged to keep in contact with fellow alumni.

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International Conflict Transformation

Consultations with Established Peacebuilders Consultation with established Peacebuilders, both graduates from our programs and people with proven skills from other organisations, can be arranged. This invaluable resource can be provided to nation leaders, community and middle level leaders and grass roots leaders to aid in program and project planning. Consulting with a Peacebuilder is a…
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Creating a new generation of Peacebuilders

To achieve the objects of sustainable justpeace, courses are run to train new peacebuilders. Certificate Courses are run as Non-Formal Education for a period of 6 weeks. These certificate courses enable people from national, middle level and local leadership to join with other leaders to develop skills in peacebuilding. An essential part of these programs…
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